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While the rest of the country was much closer in split, younger Americans (according to this story by USA TODAY COLLEGE)  were very clearly weighted one direction. This speaks a lot to the clearly divided perception on the presidential candidates between the younger and older generations.

millennials It also appears the younger the person, the more they were likely to be in favor of Clinton.

The question is, are these results related specifically to the candidates and what they stand for? Or are certain communication tactics used by Trump just less effective in the younger generation?

Regardless of the reasons, the future of the country has spoken.




This graphic shows even a bit more dramatically the severity of the divide.

Is the younger generation more forward thinking? Overcoming old school, archaic mentality? Or is it misguided? More easily manipulated by Democratic style of communication.

We’d love to hear from you! What are your thoughts in why this divide is so clear. What does it say about the future of this country, and even as soon as the next election. Comment below.