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If you are done with your old textbooks and looking to claw back a little money BombBooks can help you pocket some extra cash.

If you’re in college or graduated, you might also appreciate hearing about some other ways to pocket a little extra cash so you have a bit more savings in your pocket.


Qapital is what you might describe as a moneysaving or even microsaving app. Think of Qapital as a mobile banking app that you can access on the go at anytime.

The way it works is it rewards you for spending smarter. You get to select financial goals that you want to strive for and then Qapital gives you carrots rather than penalizes you with sticks when you do a good job.

capital logo

Each time you spend, you save. Each transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the spare change is added to a nest-egg account that grows over time.

Let’s say you were to jump on a bus each day and the bus ride cost $2.25, Qapital will round up your purchase to $3 and deposit $0.75 into a goal-based account that you set up.

Maybe it’s saving up for a new vacation, or a new car, or a new present to reward yourself for graduating. Whatever it is, Qapital helps you to build up a little extra savings without you hardly noticing from one day to the next.

Best of all, it’s free! So, you might be wondering how Qapital makes money? When you sign up with Qapital, you get a Visa card that is branded with Qapital logo and each time you swipe it, Qapital takes a small cut of what Visa charges merchants.

So, you don’t have to pay any out of pocket fees each month to squirrel away a little more than you otherwise might do. If you want to learn more, check out this Qapital review which covers in depth the pros and cons of the moneysaving app.


If the thought of budgeting is frightful, then Digit is an app worth checking out. While most people shun the idea of taking out a pen and paper to track daily expenses, income, and calculate how much they should be saving from one day to the next, Digit users can focus on other tasks.

The reason Digit users buy themselves time away from financial budgeting is that Digit automates saving daily.

The way it works is when you have a Digit account, which links to your bank account, Digit will automatically calculate how much you spend, earn, and can afford to save.digit logo Then it transfers a small amount to a savings account.

You don’t have to maintain a minimum balance to get started and the cost is low each month, plus you earn an interest on savings which, if over a certain threshold, can pay for your monthly fee and then some.

Unlike some apps that force you think about what you want to save and how much you want to save, Digit simplifies the process by doing all the hard work of calculating how much in savings you can afford.

The bottom line is if you struggle to save, Digit can help you out big time. Read this Digit review to get a full download on how you can better increase your nest-egg without having to lift a finger.


Lastly, if you want to do more than save a few dollars, but you want to invest for the long-term too, Stash is worth checking out.

Stash is a cool moneysaving app that is also an investing app, which takes your hard-earned savings, and invests them for the long-term using the principles of Nobel-prize winning research, called Modern Portfolio Theory.

stash invest logoYour money is invested in intuitively-labeled investing categories. For example, you can invest in the Clean and Green bucket or the Conservative Mix bucket.

Whether you are looking for exposure to China or want your money allocated to dividend-paying companies, Stash can start you on the path that best suits your investing preferences while you’re on-the-go.

If you were to look at any Stash review, you would find that a standout feature is thematic investing but equally the low monthly cost is hard to beat. It’s significantly lower than even a Netflix subscription for amounts under $5,000.

If you care about growing your wealth over time and not too worried about stock market swings from one month to the next, Stash is another great app to check out.